Our Values

The values of our enterprise are the foundation of our thoughts and actions and the touchstone for our daily work. We have the ability to put our thought into the countless problems and empathise with our customers. Together with all our employees, we develop innovative and safe solutions by tapping the full potential of our expertise and experience. With passion, self-reliance, a down-to-earth attitude and clarity of thought we rise to the new challenges on the part of our customers every day; and being TRACTO-TECHNIcians, we constantly strive to improve the quality and performance of our products. This is the way we ensure sustained corporate growth for our business partners and our own company.

PASSION for Technical Challenges is the Foundation of Our Actions

Since the foundation of our company in 1962, we are inspired by our work and rise to the high demands of our customers day by day. Trenchless pipe installation and pipe renewal technologies are our specialty - approximately 400 employees are the reason for our international success. It is their keen sense for new and advanced technology which allows new products to mature at TRACTO-TECHNIK, a vantage point to capture the market. This innovative power was confirmed by Prof. Hermann Simon in his book "Hidden Champions" and is also expressed in almost 500 existing patents, brands and numerous awards.

A DOWN-TO-EARTH Attitude and Pragmatism Assure Long-Term Partnerships

Down-home people always come along with a stable and reliable character, the breeding grounds for responsibility towards fellow employees and customers. The basic requirement to make this work is togetherness. We always meet on a level playing field and foster close relationships. As a matter of course, the contact persons for our customers are always approachable, speedily and directly. For more than 50 years we have been deeply rooted in our region, getting involved in local events and educational matters - inherent parts of a down-to-earth attitude. It pleases us to see that many colleagues lend their voluntary services to local associations. Not only the regional provenance is cultivated by our company, maintenance of our national and international relationships is just as important. Co-operation with partner companies here and abroad is taken very seriously, aiming for long-term business relationships. For all practical purposes, we combine our intents with top service - offering customer activities, training courses and far-reaching support at trade fairs and lecture events.

Our SELF-RELIANCE is Guaranteed by Capacious Expertise

Knowledge is power! Only those who know how to handle knowledge are ready for a successful future. Therefore we are continuously working on our further education and building up a network of expert knowledge to guarantee high self-reliance and independency. In this way, we are and always will be competent contact partners for our customers. Our comprehensive expertise in all domains guarantees tailor-made solutions for our customers. Well aware of our responsibilities, we are always prepared to deal with the most varied customer’s needs to achieve the best possible, individual solutions with purposefulness and efficiency. Whether highly specialised or rather simple: we, the TRACTO-TECHNIcians, are not afraid to put our own claim for the quality of robust products with a long service life into practice.

CLARITY of Actions and Intelligent Solutions Enhance Sustained Economic Growth

Clarity with a well-defined objective and concentrating on the nitty-gritty of all business aspects boost success. This becomes evident in the corporate development. At any time, therefore, our customers can lean on binding agreements which guarantee quality and ultimate capability. Together, we are striving to conquer new markets and maintain steady growth. A powerful stimulus for achieving this objective is our individual competence and our claim for continuous improvement. In this way, we create synergies of great value which lead our customers and ourselves into a safe, sustainable future.



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