TRACTO is the technology leader of superb future technology, which makes the construction and renewal of modern infrastructures quicker, more efficient, and above all, more resource friendly.
The company was founded in the 1960s with the concept of trenchless technology. With the soil displacement hammer the company founder set a trend that is remains today for the efficient implementation of modern infrastructure projects and works. The GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer is used extensively because of its low mechanical complexity, operational efficiency, durability and the fact it is safe and simple to use.
But what makes TRACTO a genuine champion is the fact that the company has always been driven by their pursuit for continuous improvements.
With the development of controlled horizontal directional drilling in the 1970s, TRACTO successfully turned its attention to a much more complex technology with significantly more complex functions, a complex manufacturing process and challenging operation.
Thanks to the development and production of two different classes of the same technology, both benefit from the opportunities of intelligent technology and method transfer.
For example, we assure outstanding quality and first-class innovation on the manufacturing side by transferring the necessary new manufacturing technologies from our complex products such as the GRUNDODRILL to the high quantities for the GRUNDOMAT. We are also able to integrate the developments of our precision control for the GRUNDOPIT, GRUNDODRILL and GRUNDOBORE into the evolution of our soil displacement hammers. TRACTO leverages this synergy to develop exceptional products.
For example, all insights and knowledge of our top models are incorporated into the development and production of all our products, thus guaranteeing our customers top product and service quality. The entire know-how and expertise of TRACTO is in every soil displacement hammer and in every GRUNDODRILL.


The protection of surfaces and lower emissions of noise, CO2 and particulate matter are excellent arguments for trenchless technology compared to the open trench method.
It is now necessary to renovate pipe networks and sewer systems all over the world due to aging pipeline infrastructure and adapt them to the needs of the 21st century. This is also one of the main challenges of all societies on our planet in the development of the infrastructures due to the massive growth of urban living spaces. The use of trenchless technology is the best solution.
The advantages such as fewer traffic obstructions, reduced costs thanks to the omission of earthworks and surface disruptions, reduced volume of waste for dumping and protection of trees and plants, as well as less long-term damage such as ground subsidence and damage to road surfaces, increasingly ensure that TRACTO customers will benefit from a massive increase in the applications of our equipment and tools in the coming years.


Our focus is on the needs of our customers and users. Accordingly, design every product, every service and solution to resolve challenges often faced by our customers and users.
Contractors who lay pipes and lines, build and renew infrastructures can utilise TRACTO machines in the most advanced and efficient manner. Because we are the specialist for trenchless, horizontal drilling.
For enterprising construction plant operators who keep track of the latest developments, a TRACTO machine with which minimally invasive interventions create the best results sets the highest standards.

For everyone who awards contracts for which pipes, lines, networks have to be laid underground, trenchless drilling is increasingly the first choice as a resource-friendly method. TRACTO'S pioneering technology makes this possible.
For modern planners who manage projects where pipes, lines, networks have to be laid underground, trenchless drilling is increasingly becoming an inherent part of every planning stage.
TRACTO is dedicated to making trenchless technology more widely known in all relevant industry sectors.  




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