100th model of 18-ton bore rigs goes to HEILSHORN GmbH

22.10.19 - The cable and pipe installation company Heilshorn GmbH can look back on an almost 100 years of company history. The company, founded in 1921 in the Lower Saxony town of Soltau has always recognised the signs of the times and constantly extended their business fields. In order to cover the ever-growing demands in the horizontal directional drilling field, the company purchased a GRUNDODRILL 18N from TRACTO-TECHNIK in June 2019. Coincedentially, this bore rig is also the 100th model of the 18-ton-series to leave the plant in Lennestadt, which is surely a very good omen. In the early years, the family-owned company Danzl & Heilshorn, as they were then known, mainly constructed overhead power lines. This changed, partially because of the strong snowstorms of Winter 1978/79, which destroyed a large quantity of the overhead utility poles. After this the responsible suppliers decided to install more and more power cables underground, which lead to a massive resurgence for trenchless construction. From then onwards the civil engineering company has made a name for themselves, especially for the underground installation of power and local heating supply lines. Up to today, the EWE and EON-Hanse are among the most important contractors in this field, as well as numerous towns and communities in their trading area.

In 1999 Heilshorn GmbH merged from a family-owned company in to the Schmidt-Group. With this change of ownership, the company re-located to Bremervörde, a town situated between Bremerhaven and Hamburg, at the same time entering the trenchless cable and pipe installation field. This allowed the company to extend their service range to include additional fields such as water, gas, heating and telecommunication pipe installation, applying the HDD method ever since. Under the new management of Manfred Hillbrands and Peter Kahrs Heilshorn GmbH today has around 190 employees and further business locations in Northern Germany. Since then, the field of activity stretches over the North of Germany from the Danish to the Dutch border. Further fields of activity such as the installation of stainless steel pipes and fibre optic construction have since complemented the portfolio and have made Heilshorn GmbH a complete supplier for trenchless construction and all associated services.

With the GRUNDODRILL 18N, Heilshorn GmbH, who already own a GRUNDODRILL 15N, have added a versatile and powerful HDD system, which can be flexibly applied to install all pipe types up to ND 500, to their fleet . Among the first tasks for the new bore rig are the installation of a new drinking water pipe OD 225 and of a sewage pipe OD 140, each over 1,000 m length for a public utility company. We would like to thank the Heilshorn management for their trustfulness, wishing them many successful and profitable projects with their new 18-ton bore rig.



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