New TRACTO-TECHNIK Sales & Service Partner for South Africa

13.01.19 - South Africa is the third largest economy on the continent and plays a decisive role as an economic and geographical gateway to sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past two decades, the South African Republic has transformed into an industrialized country that is growing steadily. South Africa's construction industry in particular is growing dynamically due to increasing urbanization and continuing population growth. The necessary maintenance and development of the underground infrastructure for supply and disposal opens up numerous perspectives for the use of trenchless technologies. In order to exploit the existing potentials, TRACTO-TECHNIK UK has engaged a new potent sales and service partner, the company Octopus Electronics Ltd from Johannesburg.

Experienced multi-equipment provider

Octopus Electronics Ltd was founded in Cape Town in 1996, becoming a leading distributor for pipeline inspection solutions in South Africa. When the current owner Trevor Quigley took over from the founder in 2016, the business moved to Johannesburg. Due to his wealth of local and nationwide knowledge of the utilities, contracting and construction industries, Octopus has developed into a leading multi-equipment sales and service provider across the region. This comprises a state-of-the-art sale, training and repair facility as well as extensive warehouse to stock a wide variety of units for sale and a substantial quantity of spare parts.

Trusted relationship

Associated with Rescue Rod Group and having 200 employees and with 20 years of experience in a wide range of civil engineering services including trenchless technologies from pipe bursting to horizontal directional drilling, Octopus specialise in Impact Moling technology, providing full GRUNDOMAT repair and maintenance service in addition to offering on-site training to existing and new users alike. Roger Atherton, TRACTO-TECHNIK UK’s Export & Area Sales Manager commented: “We chose Octopus Electronics because of our long standing and trusted relationship with Trevor Quigley over the past 10 years. They are the perfect partner to adequately market our high-quality NODIG systems and guarantee first-class service."

First 230 m HDD in Johannesburg

The partnership with Octopus Electronics has already proved productive. TRACTO-TECHNIK’s most powerful HDD rig GRUNDODRILL28Nplus, which was purchased by Rescue Rod last year, has completed its first 230 m pipe installation project ever in Johannesburg recently. The job was to install a Ø 450 mm sewer parallel to an existing one in a residential area, which could not have been done using open trenching due to restricted space, existing water mains, fibre and electrical services running close to the old sewer line.

Upstream drilling to install 450 mm gravity sewer

The jobsite was located in the Craigavon residential area of North Johannesburg. An old steel sewer main running along the corner of Willow and Pine Road was so badly deteriorated and rusted that repair made no commercial sense. Upon the client’s request, a new gravity sewer had to be installed parallel to the old main over a length of 230 m. To do so, contractor KQ Ltd set up the GRUNDODRILL28Nplus downstream and drilled upstream to a receiving pit.

The GRUNDODRILL28Nplus completed the 230 m project in one go at an average installation time of +/- 38.3 m per hour, with the consumption of drilling fluid being quite economical at 144 kl. It took the powerful rig only three days to establish the pilot bore through corrosive sandstone, another three days to upsize it to 400 mm, with a further 2 days for a second 600 mm back reaming and only 6 hours to pull the 450 mm PE long pipe in one go. The entire installation project has been completed within 15 working days including all preparatory and concluding works to the total satisfaction of client, contractor and residents.



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