Pipe renewal with large expansion with pipe bursting

19.05.20 - In the far east of Poland, in the Lublin province, you can find the city of Pulawy with around 48.000 inhabitants. Since its first documented reference as a settlement in 1626, Pulawy has witnessed an alternating history: In the 17th century, families of the high nobility built a magnificent large castle in a huge park and a hundred years later the town became an important part of political and cultural life. Even an important museum with royal jewels, collections of paintings and memorabilia of famous personalities was founded here in the castle in 1801 and today these precious collections are located in Krakau. During the third partition of Poland the town fell to Prussia, shortly afterwards it became part of the Duchy of Warsaw, eight years later part of Congress Poland, and another fifteen years later it fell under Russian and Ukrainian sovereignty. In 1906 Pulawy received municipal rights; since the First World War it has belonged within the Polish borders.

Contract partner for a renewal project

In September 2018, the town signed a contract with the company Przedsiebiorstwo Wodociagów i Kanalizacji Sp. z o.o. from Bytom (PWiK Bytom) for the trenchless renewal of its water supply network within the framework of the large-scale project “Modernisation of the water supply network in Pulawy by bursting – Stage II”. Overall, supply lines covering a total length of 5.473 m, must be repaired or renewed respectively. Client for this project is Pulawy City Council.

Experienced Specialist

In Spring 2019 the renewal of a 520 m length section in Pulawy’s Ulica Górna, a two-lane road, which leads through a residential area, was on the agenda. The old water supply lines made from PVC and asbestos cement with an inner diameter of 80 mm urgently needed renewing and owing to the higher demand, the hydraulic capacity of the piping system also had to be increased. The city of Pulawy chose PWik Bytom as the contracting party, due to their experience over many years with trenchless sanitation/renewal projects, which proved to be a very good decision. The company can look back on 25 years of successful activity in the construction, sanitation and repair of water and sewage pipe systems and has an impressive list of references. They are specialised and particularly experienced with the trenchless underground construction method and own a well-stocked range of machines. This is exactly what met the requirements defined by the City of Pulawy for this project in their contract.

Well thought-out

Static burstlining was the preferred method of PWik Bytom for the trenchless renewal of the old drinking water pipe, with PE SLM® 3.0-pipes ND 200 from Egeplast, because the construction and set-up times are short, the renewal takes place in the existing line, the method is applicable for almost all types of damages and old pipe materials (in this case mainly asbestos cement!) and the environment and traffic are only subject to minimum disruptions.  Especially attractive for the client are the significantly lower costs, compared to open trenching and the result is equivalent to a new installation. Therefore, the service life of the pipe is actually switched to “Reset”. Last but not least, PWik Bytom were able to apply their GRUNDOBURST 800G from TRACTO-TECHNIK, which has already been working reliably for many years.

Application features that fit

GRUNDOBURST systems are perfectly suitable for pipe renewals using the static burstlining method, where the existing old pipe is burst and radially displaced into the surrounding oil, while a new pipe (new pipeline) of the same or a larger diameter is simultaneously pulled in. With their powerful and robust pulling rigs, damaged pipes up to 1.200 mm diameter can be replaced by new pipes in the same path, without trenches. The GRUNDOBURST 800G certainly fulfilled all requirements and conditions here with its application features, such as:
  • Suitable for pressure and sewer pipes ND 80 to ND 400 up to approx. 100 m lengths (depending on applied method)
  • Compact dimensions for small pits
  • Rapid work cycles and high performance
  • Fast rod pushing into the old pipe and pulling-in of the new pipe
  • Can be applied in both directions – from a single pit
  • Quick machine start
  • One-Man-Operation with remote control
  • Accessories for specific methods

Clear results

After the GRUNDOBURST 800G was installed inside a 1.2 m x 5 m excavation pit, the bursting rod was pushed through the old pipe without any problems whatsoever and during the withdrawal of the roller blade the PVC and asbestos pipes were easily broken and pushed aside into the surrounding dry sandy soil. The relatively large expansion factor of 80 mm to 280 mm was carried out in one single expansion step, while simultaneously pulling in the new PE SLM® 3.0 ND 200 pipe. As the new pipes must not be overstressed during the installation, a regulation states that the permitted tensile strengths have to be measured and surveyed. PWik Bytom applied the GRUNDOLOG measuring device for the first time to meet this requirement and measured a low tensile strength average of 10,5 KN. In total, four bore lengths, each of 130 m were renewed this way, whereby the pure bursting/pulling-in time was merely 5 hours, a super time.

Rewarding contracts 

The company PWik Bytom is completely satisfied with their GRUNDOBURST 800G, even though it is now 18 years old, but still working excellently. The City Pulawy can also be very satisfied – not only does it have a contract with the construction company for the trenchless renewal of its water supply network, as part of the major project “Modernisation of the water supply network in Pulawy with the bursting method – Stage II”, but they also have a contract for an environmentally friendly sanitation method and high cost savings to go with it. The latter could really benefit the beautiful, time-honoured castle.



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