Profitable trenchless cable installation with GRUNDOMAT moles

24.08.16 - German manufacturer TRACTO-TECHNIK is a pioneer in developing and producing trenchless technologies which provide innovative profitable and sustainable solutions for the underground installation of pipes and cables.In the early 1970ies, TT designed the first right-on-target soil displacement hammer GRUNDOMAT for the trenchless installation of pipes and cables. Known as the “mole” it shaped the industry and became synonymous with trenchless technologies. Today the „moling technology” is widely-used in the civil engineering branch. Its share compared to open trenching is ever increasing due to its technical, economical and ecological benefits:
  • No disruption of valuable surfaces, minimal excavation
  • Costly re-instatement works are almost omitted
  • No conflicts with local residents
  • No traffic jams or traffic diversions
  • Less noise, pollution and CO2 emissions
  • Significantly reduced construction times
  • Cost saving of up to 50% compared to open trenching
These advantages show especially when installing cables for power or telecommunication, e.g. for property service connections, and when crossing much frequented roads or other valuable surfaces.

The pneumatically driven GRUNDOMAT moles work their way through the ground displacing the spoil into the surrounding soil. That way a channel is produced into which sleeveless short or long pipes made of plastic (PE, PVC or PE-X) up to OD 160 mm or cables can be pulled into. Depending on the type of soil, up to 30 m lengths can either be pulled in successively or later on.  A compressor with 6 - 7 bar operating pressure is required for these types of operations. Exact alignment of the machine towards the target is necessary for a high target precision.
The GRUNDOMAT mole can be used for establishing short crossings or property service connections. Pipes and/or cables can be installed in any displaceable soil. To do so, the mole placed on a starting cradle and launched from inside a pit. Using a telescopic sight, aim is taken and the height and sides of the machine are adjusted accordingly. The mole is moved forward by a piston driven with compressed air (normal jobsite compressor), external friction on the outer machine casing is required for the forward movement, if this is missing e.g. in soft or loose, soils, external static pushing support can be added. 
Precise target accuracy as well as exact alignment and adjustment of the GRUNDOMAT mole are guaranteed by the proven 2-stroke principle. The piston initially strikes the multi-cutter cone which advances in order to produce the bore hole and to destroy any possible obstacles. The second strike impacts the casing which is pulled in with the pipes attached. Peak resistance and casing friction are separated and alternately easier to overcome. This makes the GRUNDOMAT work dead on target even in stony grounds.

Advantages of the GRUNDOMAT mole
  • For installing pipes and cables ober up to 30 m length without trenches
  • For FTTB, gas, water and power property service connections
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Minimal set-up times
  • 2-stroke-principle for high target accuracy
  • Premium product quality , low wear and tear
  • Partially grooved casing for better grip
  • Low air consumption
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Practical accessories for additional applications
  • Fast worldwide spare parts and accessories supply
  • Project consultation
  • Customized training sessions



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