Test track for the new GRUNDODRILL JCS130

22.10.19 - With the new generation of GRUNDODRILL HDD rigs - introduced at bauma 2019 - TRACTO-TECHNIK has recently developed a unique machine concept, which in future will be applied to a complete new series with six models available as Jet Condition System (JCS) with normal drill rods for loose stony ground, or as an All Condition System (ACS) with twin-tube drill rods for difficult geologies and rocks.
The complex HDD method makes the most versatile and highest demands on the machine technology as well as on the operating process. The intensive confrontation with these demands lead to a unique development process, where each detail was scrutinised and each component freshly thought through. The result is something to be proud of: the new GRUNDODRILL generation, its concept enabling the largest possible flexibility and maximal productivity for the steerable trenchless pipe installation. Thanks to the futuristic connection of the modernist, innovative technology and a high digitalisation degree, it is easier than you would think, in fact “simple & easy”.


After the impressive presentation of the new GRUNDODRILL generation at the bauma exhibition, the everyday practical application was scheduled shortly after and in less attractive sand and clay conditions: In Malente-Kreuzfeld, in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany, the driveway to the company Kies and Schotterweg Kreuzfeld GmbH had to be renewed and widened. As building contractor, the Schleswig-Holstein Network AG, deemed it appropriate to use this opportunity to switch over the power supply, which up to now had been provided via overhead cables to underground cabling, at the same time. For logical reasons the protection pipes for the power cables were to be installed underground by applying the horizontal drilling fluid bore method.


For this project, Schleswig-Holstein Networks AG commissioned TMW GmbH/Volker Tantow. They, in turn, commissioned the civil engeneering company Paasch, who have many years of experience in applying the HDD technology, to carry out the drilling task and install the HDPE protection pipe, ND 125. With this task and the typical sandy and loamy soils expected in this region of Schleswig-Holstein, zero hour had arrived for the first genuine task of the new GRUNDODRILL JCS130. As part of this construction task, which initially proved to be an excellent testing bore path, it was possible to show for the first time how “simple & easy” the new GRUNDODRILL generation works. In doing so, the Paasch bore team and also the experts from TRACTO-TECHNIK seized this opportunity to check the machine to perfection over three sections of the total 700 m long bore path in real conditions and also test the details mentioned at the beginning and the newly developed components.


Before the action started, TRACTO-TECHNIK staff passed the bore rig on to Thorsten Rot, drillmaster at Paasch. After only a short introduction to the machine, he already felt sure, acquainted and ready to apply it, thanks to the innovative and intuitive operating concept. Relieved – Relaxed – Ready to Go. The length of the first bore was 93 m, the second bore 145 m and the third bore was 100 m long. After each pilot bore with a Medium Drill Head Type 1, Ø 100 mm, the expanding process was executed with a stepped reamer to 200 mm, while simultaneously pulling in the PE-protection pipe, ND 125. For the drilling fluid, the bore crew chose a mixture of Bentonite Wplus (75 kg/4 m³) with Modiflux (75 kg/4 m³) and Antisol (6 kg/4 m³).


Despite the very tight working conditions, caused by the neighbouring gravel plant being in full operation with constant heavy truck traffic, the bore rig itself hardly caused any disturbances due to its especially low working width of only 1,85 m. Therefore, each of the three bores, including installation of the protection pipes, were completed in one day to the fullest satisfaction of all participants. The gravel plant’s operation did not have to be interrupted at all due to the compact jobsite set-up and mining could continue without any interference whatsoever.
“This new operating concept with the ergonomic mini-joystick and the integrated camera concept in connection to the non-swivable cabin does take a little getting used to, but I really like it”, said drillmaster Thorsten Rot, who seemed to be completely satisfied with his work. Paasch Managing Director Martin Paasch and Head of Constructions Guido Röhlich, who came visiting to gain a first impression of the new bore rig, we also very pleased. Paasch are not only a long serving customer of TRACTO-TECHNIK, but two years ago they also became development partner for the new GRUNDODRILL generation, having supplied invaluable feedback and numerous impulses. All participants reacted very positive and have been totally convinced by the performance of the bore rig and the whole concept.
The ‘proof was in the pudding’: The “Simple & Easy” claims  suits the new GRUNDODRILL generation exceedingly well!



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