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Careful planning of the drilling route is crucial for any HDD drilling. However, the calculation of the optimal drilling route, taking into account all influencing factors, is a complicated and often time-consuming task. Even commercial planning tools quickly reach their limits for complex drillings and often only the manual calculation remains.
Therefore we have developed Quickplanner3D in close cooperation with experienced HDD users. With this clever software you can plan the optimal drilling route automatically and quickly. An intelligent algorithm calculates the shortest route in three dimensions and reliably takes into account all constraint points and limiting parameters. This enables efficient planning and a quick feasibility check of a drilling route without great effort. The web-based software can be used with any Internet-capable PC or laptop without installation.

HDD drilling planning simple & easy

With Quickplanner3D only a few steps are necessary to plan the optimal drilling route. The handling is very easy and allows professionals and laymen to plan even the most complicated drilling routes.
The entered data is processed in the background by a complex programming in lightning speed and is displayed plastically. The intelligent software constantly learns and optimizes itself, so to speak. With Quickplanner3D, any number of drilling routes and terrain profiles can be displayed and saved. The data of individual projects or jobs can be retrieved at any time and can be used for documentation as well as for tenders.  

Your advantages

  • HDD projects can be planned and implemented more quickly, making them more profitable
  • The shortest drilling route in each case also means the least expenditure of time, material and tools.
  • The intelligent algorithm prevents errors and increases planning reliability.
  • The two-dimensional terrain profile with route can be used as a visual reference for customers or clients.
  • Views and data logs as documentation for tender or approval documents.
  • The feasibility of HDD drilling can be tested quickly and without additional costs.
  • QuickPlanner3D makes it easy for planners and civil engineers to get started with trenchless technology thanks to its simplicity.


How can I register?
Which features does QuickPlanner3D offer me?
  • Efficient planning and quick feasibility check of a drilling route
  • Simple and safe application by professionals and laymen
  • Calculation of the optimal drilling route by intelligent algorithm
  • Consideration and display of all constraint points and limiting parameters
  • Realistic results through real 3D calculation and planning
  • Two-dimensional terrain profile with plastically depicted obstacles
  • Calculation and storage of any number of drilling routes and terrain profiles
  • Export of all planning data in a separate PDF protocol
  • Backup of all data in the cloud, no storage space on own server nötig
  • Web-based software that can be used immediately without installation
  • Updates are automatically available
Perspective does QuickPlanner3D bring for the future?

QuickPlanner3D is a basic version that is continuously developed further according to the requirements of HDD users. All updates are free of charge and you benefit from our continuous development. Analogous to the increasing digitalization of HDD machine technology, the focus is especially on autonomous drilling.

Is there a manual?

In nine steps the optimal drilling route is determined and documented with QuickPlanner3D.

  • Start: To create a new drilling plan, click on „Create job“
  • drilling specifications: Enter bending radius, pipe OD, entry and exit angle of the bore. A two-dimensional terrain profile is created from the data
  • Drill path: Enter the distance from start to destination of the drill hole and, if necessary, the height in order to map the slopes and gradients in the terrain. If there are no data on the height, the route is calculated relative to the start height.
  • Surface planning: Here you can display the profile of the area more precisely by defining any number of points.
  • Obstacles: Now enter the position and size of existing obstacles with few coordinates and the necessary safety distance. Obstacles are displayed plastically either as ‚Pipe‘ or ‚Box‘
  • forcing points: Here you define the points along which the route should necessarily run using X-Y-Z coordinates. This is e.g. relevant for the planning of Dükern.
  • Drilling planning: With one click, the drilling path is now calculated from the entered data and with another click the route is displayed.
  • Finished! Now save the planned route.
  • Data protocol: you can also export the data to a PDF. With this information, the HDD bore can be drilled as specified.
Is QuickPlanner3D suitable for me?

Yes, if you

  • to carry out a first feasibility study of a drilling route without great effort and expense.
  • the manual, time-consuming calculation can no longer be used as a basis in everyday life.
  • search for an alternative to complex programs.
Subscription information should I pay attention to?
  • Inexpensive subscription for 606,00 Euro; per year or 50,50 Euro; per month.
  • If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your contract free of charge within the first 3 months by giving the reason for the cancellation by mail to mailto:support@digital.tracto-technik.com".
  • No subscription trap. Subscription expires automatically after 12 months if the user does not explicitly extend it.



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