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Whether you want to expand your pipeline network, make connections to the end user or renew pipelines - all of this can be done underground without having to break up the ground. The NODIG technology makes valuable contribution thanks to its ecological and economic advantages.

So „simple & easy“ is not just a catchphrase, but a promise that we give to our customers and business partners. We have made „simple & easy“ part of our DNA. Therefore everything we develop, plan and implement today must be simple and easy to understand.




The economic and ecological advantages of trenchless technology over open construction are obvious:

  • Valuable surfaces are protected
  • No excavation or restoration work required
  • No traffic jams, mo diversions only
  • Low emissions of noise, Co2 and fine dust
  • The actual construction times are significantly shorter


The mole technology from TRACTO stands for uncompromising quality "Made in Germany" and technical finesse down to the last detail. The high manufacturing quality is achieved, among other things, by high-quality materials and elaborate tempering processes. Our durable and flexible NODIG systems are designed for maximum product and application diversity, low wear and tear and maximum reliability in practical use. Innovative technical solutions and a comprehensive selection of clever accessories guarantee maximum productivity and economy in pipe installation.


Our unique NODIG product portfolio covers the complete range of trenchless pipeline construction for supply and disposal. Our versatile NODIG systems and sophisticated accessories offer solutions for all cases. Be it soil displacement hammers or mini drilling rigs for installing house connections and short pipes, horizontal rammers for pipeline construction, HDD drilling rigs for crosssings underneath traffic and waterways or bursting rigs for renewing pipes - even fout of manholes. Because it is our aim not only to offer reliable technology, but complex and flexible solutions.


Whether you want to expand your pipeline network, make connections to the end user or renew pipelines - all of this can be done underground without having to break up the ground. The trenchless NODIG technology is used in the construction of pipeline networks for water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, district heating, fiber optic networks, e-mobility, pipeline construction and wastewater disposal.

The NODIG technology makes a valuable contribution especially with regard to the supply security of the increasingly complex pipeline infrastructure, such as the provision of drinking water and fast Internet or the energy supply, thanks to its ecological and economic advantages. Thanks to consistent technical developments in machine technology and accessories, there is now a trenchless solution for practically every type of pipe laying or renovation. And no matter what this NODIG solution looks like in concrete terms, trenchless pipeline construction is generally more environmentally friendly, sustainable and economical than open construction.


Backbone connection with GRUNDODRILL 15XP

The list of Germany’s so-called households with poor access to modern data networks is still quite long, despite the German Government’s Digital Agenda, claiming that the NGA-Networks („Next Generation Access“) were supposed to be made available to the whole country by the end of 2018. This is not a great surprise, as the time from the application being sent to the German Support Programme for Digitalisation up to the surf start on home computers being stretched to the limit, much longer than expected.


Renewal of an asbestos cement sewage pressure line with GRUNDOBURST 800G

The Lower Rhine town of Korschenbroich lies between the metropolitan areas of Mönchengladbach, Krefeld, Neuss and Düsseldorf in the west of Germany. Despite the growing population, Korschenbroich with approximately 5.500 ha has never lost its countryside character in all of its districts. After all, approx. 68 % of the total area are used for agriculture, just under 22 % are residential, commercial and transport areas, the rest divided into recreational, forest and water areas.


Extension of the Danish E20 Motorway with GRUNDORAM

Villy Poulsen A/S, a contractor from Skjern in Denmark installed an OD 1,320 mm pipe at a depth of eight metres underneath the E20 motorway with the GRUNDORAM KOLOSS as part of the extension of the E20 motorway. Including all preparations, the job was completed in only 3 working days.


House connection for fibre-optic cable with GRUNDOPIT PS40

In winter/spring 2020, the civil engineering company Helmut Lübben Fernmeldebau GmbH began the third of eight construction phases in in the Upper Bergisch region of Germany as part of the nationwide broadband expansion project funded by the federal and state governments: they successively installed the fibre optic cables along the road and, as requested also produced the house connections. The latter was also due for the two semi-detached houses no. 47 in the narrow but busy Marienheider Straße: Here the two landlords were eagerly waiting for the "fast internet" and thus also for the installation of their house connections. The two of them experienced live that this was going to be a special, fast and, for the large, lovingly designed front garden, an absolutely gentle construction measure - and they were amazed.


Steel pipe installation ND 600 with GRUNDORAM Gigant for power supply

Good news in Summer 2019: The steel and technology group ThyssenKrupp is investing around 80 million Euros in the construction of a new forging centre at its ThyssenKrupp Gerlach plant in Homburg/Saar (Germany) to produce front axles for commercial vehicles in the future. Long-term supply contracts with various truck manufacturers have already been finalised. Serial deliveries of the axles is to start at the beginning of 2021.


Construction of a seawater withdrawal point with the GRUNDODRILL 28Nplus

Grömitz, the "Baltic Sea spa on the sunny side", with its mild climate, wide range of cultural activities and numerous leisure and sports facilities, invites around 260,000 overnight guests and around 550,000 day trippers to spend carefree holidays there every year. It is situated on the north-western boundary of Lübeck Bay, which has been a seaside resort since 1813 and is not only the third most important holiday resort in the region, but also the most important in this region on the Baltic coast. The 8 km stretching Baltic Sea beach with romantic dune landscapes, two bird sanctuaries, natural beach sections, as well as a 3.5 km long spa and beach promenade with spa gardens and a 398 m long pier ensures relaxing, beautiful and simply carefree (family) school holidays and vacations.



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