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Mechanical moles, digitally tweaked: TRACTO uses telemetry data in Azure to offer customers real advantages

How do pipelines for water and gas, or indeed fiber optic cables, get under the ground? The obvious way is by digging a trench. But TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG offers a different solution—using equipment for trenchless pipe laying that doesn’t require tearing up streets and sidewalks. TRACTO has continuously refined this technology. Today, the company takes advantage of big data to offer innovative, digital solutions to customers around the world, to increase reliability, and to optimize drilling processes.


New attraction at Chessington World of Adventures

The TRACTO GRUNDOPIT PS40 Mini HDD rig was the star turn at leading leisure park, Chessington World of Adventures, recently when it was craned into place to complete the underground installation of two x 110mm drainage pipes.


GRUNDORAM facilitates rainwater diversion project

A TRACTO Mini Olympus GRUNDORAM pipe rammer was recently deployed to a site in Derbyshire to ram a 325mm steel casing under the concrete foundations of a new production plant. The casing was required to host a 225mm HDPE conduit to carry away rainwater from the downpipes of roof guttering on the new building.


GRUNDORAM central to pioneering culvert expansion

Drainage is always a critical element when constructing a new housing development and the landowner must understand the water course under the land to plan the evacuation of excess water. The project managers of a new housing estate in Barnstaple, Devon identified that the capacity of a 600mm concrete culvert on the site was not sufficient to prevent flooding.


Crossing beneath the Main-Danube-Canal with trenchless HDD-technology

The Main-Danube-Canal (MDC) runs over a length of 171 km in Bavaria and connects the Main and Danube rivers from Bamberg to Fürth and Nuremberg to Kelheim. With its small but beautiful harbour, the town of Fürth lies on the banks of the canal over a length of just under 13 km. In 1970 a harbour bridge was built here as a traffic connection between the two districts of Atzenhof and Unterfarnbach, also acting as a support for various supply lines for the city. Today, after more than 50 years, this harbour bridge is really in need of renovation and may even have to be demolished.


HDD Assist: recently installed gas main replaced by GRUNDORAM

When something goes wrong at the jobsite, rapid action is needed. Trenchless technology is primarily leveraged for the installation of underground utilities, creating the least amount of surface disruption possible. But what happens when freshly installed pipelines actually need to be removed – due to damages, for instance? In such cases as well, a pipe rammer is the means of choice – and can become the driller’s best friend in a blink. Especially, if it’s immediately available.




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