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Trenchless technology for pipeline construction

A growing energy demand requires transnational and reliable pipeline networks. Often the long-distance pipelines for transport from the producer to the distributor are several thousand kilometres long, as in the case of oil and natural gas pipelines. The required routes often cannot be realised as planned because environmental regulations or construction obstacles make implementation difficult. This is now a thing of the past with high-performance trenchless technology - after all, it guarantees fast, gentle and efficient installation.

With the underground method of NODIG technology, pipelines can be installed quickly, gently and efficiently. For successful expansion, even under difficult conditions. 

Efficient and successful - even when the going gets tough

No matter where, with trenchless technology, pipeline construction succeeds in built-up areas, under rivers and other bodies of water. Our GRUNDORAM horizontal pipe rammer is even successfully used for complicated HDD drilling in pipeline construction and for particularly difficult boundary conditions - also known as "HDD Assist & Rescue":  NODIG systems can be relied on for drilling in protective casing and for loosening stuck pipes, but also for pulling out drill rods or recovering stuck product and protection pipes of any diameter.

Productive in pipeline construction - the advantages of our NODIG systems at a glance

  • Maximum productivity and high economic efficiency in pipeline construction with NODIG technology.
  • Pipelines made of plastic or steel can be laid professionally - along roads, under roads and waterways as well as surfaces of any kind.
  • Our technology offers uncontrolled NODIG processes with spiral-welded or seamless pipes as well as pipes with insulation protection such as long-distance gas pipelines.
  • With the HDD Assist & Rescue techniques, the pipeline relocation succeeds even under the most difficult conditions.
  • Our environmentally friendly process guarantees short approval times and offers high reliability in planning and technical safety.
  • Trenchless installation guarantees precise verifiability of the position, function and tightness of the new pipeline.

Effective infrastructure. Renewable energy. We deliver the technology of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow.