First live performance for GRUNDOMAT 75

22.10.19 - The Bavarian town of Landsberg on Lech situated on the so-called romantic road and with its well preserved medieval town centre, is a major attraction for numerous tourists. The town, with 30.000 inhabitants, situated in the southwest of Bavaria is known as one of the sunniest towns in Germany. Also well preserved are a large number of churches and the baroque town. The list of architectural monuments is long: several towers in their pristine condition, such as the Towers of the Bayer Gate, the Mother Tower and the Smalt Tower, Town Wall and Town Gates. Bakers, Butchers, Painters, Tanners, Weavers etc. characterise the diverse craftworks and commercial enterprises of the town and are, even today, still vibrant in their wonderfully preserved houses and guest rooms within the town walls. Landsberg on Lech even has a small message for rock & roll fans: Elvis Presley was stationed here in this town, during his time as a soldier in Germany, where he also bought his very first guitar.


Of course, Landsberg on Lech has also arrived in the modern world and has a lot to offer its citizens and visitors in everyday life. One very good example is supplying power to its citizens: The public utility company here only make a reproach for power, which is produced 100 % from pure hydropower and has a technical inspection certificate. An inexpensive, regional and sustainable offer with an exemplary character. With the distribution, respectively the construction of the power supply pipelines for the citizens, the public utilities are also acting very careful and long-sighted, counting on environmental friendly methods.

This was also the case this summer during road works on the Hindenburg Ring, a partially four-lane old town bypass. As part of extensive sanitation measures on the footpaths and cycle paths there, the public utilities Landsberg and the municipal civil engineering office managed to coordinate the pending work. Road disruption was used to good effect, to renew the house connections for power supply along this path, which had come of age. Contractor E.K.L. Kabel- und Leitungsbau GmbH, who are also located in Landsberg on Lech, were assigned for this project.


The E.K.L. GmbH has been a regional market leader for 40 years in the cable installation branch. The cornerstone for this are the highly modern equipment and trained staff. E.K.L. see themselves as “Specialist for simple house connections right up to developments of new building areas”. With regards to machines and equipment for the trenchless technology, they have been working for four decades with the soil displacement hammers from TRACTO-TECHNIK. For many years now E.K.L. have been applying soil displacement hammers with crowned heads and equipment for the immediate pipe installation and achieved the best results regarding performance and target precision. By switching over the machine park, systematically, to the new GRUNDOMAT generation, the company follows the principle of its own consequent, innovative path. From autumn, the first GRUNDOMATS with thrust control units will be exchanged against hammers from the new generation with servo-control-studs.
E.K.L. are being provided with equipment and serviced by BOTEC Hupertz GmbH from Landsberg, who have been representing TRACTO-TECHNIK in Bavaria for over 40 years.
For the new installation of power cables for house connections on the Hindenburg Ring, the environmental-friendly, trenchless installation method was clearly the obvious choice in the town and on the especially busy road. The necessity to cross beneath existing wall foundations, paved areas, as well as hedges and landscaped gardens, some even with old trees and plant populations, was also a further influence towards this decision.


The compact gravel underground, the so-called Lechfeld gravel, widespread in this area, is the remains of a large ice-age terrace landscape in the Lech region. Its composition was finally decisive for the applied equipment, a GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer 75 mm from the new generation with crowned head. For over 50 years the underground soil penetration method with the soil displacement hammer, has been a proven and reliable method – even in difficult boundary conditions, such as the compact gravelly ground, witnessed here.
The lengths of the house connections to be installed, in other words, the lengths of the single pilot bores, varied, due to the different positions and distances to the houses from the main power line: 6 m, 11 m, 5 m, 8 m and 4 m.


They were ready to go, the first practical application for the new GRUNDOMAT generation, in this case the
GRUNDOMAT 75, was very well prepared. Starting from a small starting pit, the pneumatically driven GRUNDO-
MAT 75 soil displacement hammer (Twin-gear control stud plus reverse gear), equipped with a crowned head, with absolute target precision, stable running, reliable and effective in a depth between 0.6 and 0.8 m on each pre-
determined bore path, worked its way through compact gravel. The crowned head expanded the pilot bore directly to the total bore diameter (the chisel strikes forward, producing the pilot bore and the crown cuts the soil). Especially in loose, stony and compact soils, the crowned head is unbeatable and develops its full performance strength. As was the case here. The 63 mm PVC installation pipes to retain the power cables were allowed to be pulled in with the PVC-immediate installation equipment, effortlessly.


For more than five decades, the versatile GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers stand for dead-on-target underground pipe installation. Their special durability and high target-precision is due to its intelligent construction, the relentless quality and, last not least, continuous advancement.
For the construction of the new GRUNDOMAT generation, TRACTO-TECHNIK collaborated intensively with the local practitioners and this confirmed how highly their appreciation for reliability, productivity and service friendliness was – and then reacted by combining proven concepts and innovative technical solutions. The result are GRUNDO-
MAT soil displacement hammers “simply and easy” which benefit both contractors and clients equally.



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