Start page Goodbye water loss: Trenchless pipe renewal in Brazil

Goodbye water loss: Trenchless pipe renewal in Brazil

How do you stop water loss through leaks in old pipe systems without major environmental impacts and restrictions? The answer: with trenchless technology, or more precisely the pipe bursting method. The solution is established but not well known in Brazil. With the GRUNDOBURST 800G, the defective old pipeline was successfully replaced with a new pipe in the existing route - without disrupting traffic, business life and the everyday lives of residents in the city centre of São Caetano do Sul. 

The underground renewal of the old pipes was successfully carried out over a distance of 2,000 m using the static pipe bursting method with the GRUNDOBURST 800G. Through the installation of larger new pipes, it was even possible to increase the line capacity in some sections. Despite the cramped conditions in the busy shopping streets, the damaged grey cast iron pipes were renewed in the shortest possible time and the water loss was stopped.  

Key facts

  • São Caetano do Sul / Brazil, 2018
  • Project: Pipe renewal of 2,000 m of old cast iron water pipeline with capacity expansion in two stages in 53 days
  • Application: Water pipeline construction
  • Method: Static pipe bursting method
  • Machine used: GRUNDOBURST 800G